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Review by  Odd Tad
Reviewed on 2022-01-02
This is great... just... So great! AND IT IS WRITTEN IN AXE!!!

I could never do that!

Review by  Evan Miller
Reviewed on 2018-03-28
This is a really cool game and I play it in class a lot but I was using the same strategy that I used in the actual game and fail. There are a few things I find wrong with it. It is mostly AI. A minor mistake that doesn't affect much is the fact that a death from Freddy counts as a death from Chica. All of the characters teleport right next to your door when you get them away from your room instead of back near the show stage. Also, Foxy is way too active but doesn't kill you. Freddy attacks at random when he is at your door. In the actual game, he doesn't attack if you watch him in the camera or stare at him from your office. I did not change the camera at all unless the door was closed, and he still killed me. This makes it almost impossible to beat the third night. I can't beat the third night, and I tried a lot. The game is overall really cool and I love it. I am not trying to hate on it. I am just leaving a suggestion. I don't know if this is still being worked on, but if it is, please take this into consideration.

Review by  Someone Unknown
Reviewed on 2015-03-09
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

I only played a little bit of this, but so far, it's really creepy, just like the original thing. The graphics are absolutely stunning, and the only thing to improve this is optional sound. That would make it the coolest thing ever. Previously, there was a BASIC version of this, but it was kinda a waste of time... This, however, is so shockingly creepy, creepier than the Evil Maze game... and that's oddly creepy. DOWNLOAD NOW.

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