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Civilization Simulator I


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Filename cs83.zip (Download)
Title Civilization Simulator I
Description Modeled on popular computer games, Civilization Simulator I lets you control and build an ancient civilization. It uses the ps3d engine, built specifically for this purpose, that provides extremely good graphics in 3D. You start with a blank world and must create people, structures, and trade for your people. The goal is to earn food and wood; when you have enough and have completed sufficient research, you can advance to the next age. After the successful completion of the third age, you win. This release now contains the readme; optimized for Doors CS v4.0 and up.
Author Kerm Martian (admin@cemetech.net)
Category TI-83 BASIC Games (Simulation)
File Size 92,525 bytes
File Date and Time Wed Feb 11 19:33:28 2004
Documentation Included? Yes



Review by  Tony Seger
Reviewed on 2008-07-17
When I read the earlier review, I laughed at the -666/10 because of the speed, and how he mentioned that he was tempted to fill the box up with a bunch of "slow"s. I thought that it was just a joke, but now after playing it, I'm tempted to do the same thing, and I'm a basic programmer too. The speed, however, is not the only problem. There doesn't seem to be any way to check how much of each resource you have currently, it doesn't show the progression of time except in years (according to the readme, there are 360 days in each year), except in the readme it doesn't give the prices, there seems to be a drain on resources over time or something that the readme doesn't mention, and there seems no way to pause the game. On the other hand, the graphics are awesome for a calculator. My final note is that if you plan to play the game, I'd suggest that you read the readme first, otherwise you'll have no idea what to do.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
ZCS3.83p   2345
ss/modesels.gif   819
ss/1age1.gif   978
ss/1age2.gif   1007
ss/1age3.gif   997
ss/modestats.gif   819
ss/modemoveun.gif   825
ss/mainmapzoom.gif   2897
ss/gameover.gif   2345
ss/modestatun.gif   819
ss/3age1.gif   916
ss/3age2.gif   977
ss/3age3.gif   983
ss/modemap.gif   914
ss/5age1.gif   1028
ss/5age2.gif   981
ss/5age3.gif   951
ss/splash.gif   2095
ss/modemoves.gif   825
ss/7age1.gif   898
ss/7age2.gif   958
ss/7age3.gif   978
ss/mainmapex.gif   3782
ss/modefunc.gif   820
ss/2age1.gif   964
ss/2age2.gif   991
ss/2age3.gif   1007
ss/re.gif   2021
ss/modeselun.gif   819
ss/build.gif   1910
ss/4age1.gif   943
ss/4age2.gif   986
ss/4age3.gif   1024
ss/mainmap2.gif   2859
ss/stats.gif   1902
ss/mainmapedge.gif   2749
ss/minimap.gif   847
ss/6age1.gif   906
ss/6age2.gif   884
ss/6age3.gif   968
ss/mainmap.gif   2693
CIVSIM1.83p   7129
CIVSIM1.8xp   7129
LOGO.83i   830
LOGO.8xi   830
logo.gif   17131
readme.html   11171
ZCS1.83p   1520
ZCS1.8xp   1520
ZCS2.83p   2058
ZCS2.8xp   2058
img/cemetech.gif   2310
ZCS3.8xp   2345
ZCSP.83p   284
ZCSP.8xp   284
ZCSH.83p   465
ZCSH.8xp   465

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