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The Complete TI-83/+/SE BASIC Tutorials


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Filename btutor.zip (Download)
Title The Complete TI-83/+/SE BASIC Tutorials
Description Over four months a few years ago, I wrote an extensive, in-depth tutorial exploring TI-BASIC for the TI-83, TI-83+, and TI-83 Silver Edition. In all, it has thirty-six lessons. Now, all twelve of the original sections are available as it was meant to be seen, in pure, crossplatform HTML! The first volume includes information on creating, editing, and running programs as well as displaying text on-screen. The second volume contains information about getting input from the user and clearing the screen, as well as a review of the first two tutorials and a quiz. The third volume contains information about If statements, pausing, and several sample programs to help you learn. The fourth volume includes information on Boolean Logic, the While command, and loops using For. The fifth volume includes information on labels and gotos, menus, Return, and Stop. The sixth volume includes information on programs within programs, or nested programs, and random numbers. The seventh volume includes information on copying and pasting within programs, using strings in your programs, and the graphscreen. The eighth volume includes more information on the graphscreen, creating text on the graphscreen, and drawing lines. The ninth volume includes information on graphing, manipulating the window variables, and displaying the graph table from within programs. The tenth volume includes information on circles, horizontal lines, vertical lines, saving and opening pictures, and a review lesson. The eleventh volume includes information on the GetCalc command, loops using Repeat, and pixel drawing. The twelfth volume includes information on drawing using points, and some extensive syntax about lists and using them in your programs. Finally, the complete compiled tutorials contain an introduction, conventions key, and appendix about the fonts used by the calculators. It now contains the full version. A must-have for all programmers, beginner and advanced alike!
Authors Kerm Martian (admin@cemetech.net)
TIFreak8x (tifreak8x@hotmail.com)
Category Calculator Technical Information
File Size 261,606 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Jul 15 14:57:55 2006


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